If you can do the best you can to stay out of student loan debt. Graduated UNC Charlotte 10 years ago and still paying off student loans. What a racket. :-(

It is worth noting that there is a difference between private and federal loans. When federal loans have mounted up, then a federal student loan consolidation program is needed. Private consolidation programs are open to anyone who wants to restructure their debt, but federal programs are more exclusive.

There are some very sound reasons for this. For a start, federal loans already provide considerable benefits to the borrower, with low interest rates and flexible repayment schedules. Federal consolidation programs include Direct Loans and FFEL Loans. The core difference between the two is that the US Department of Education issues Direct Loans to applicants. FFEL Loans are issued by private (commercial) lenders but are subsidized by federal government. http://nationalparalegalcollege.org

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